It Takes More

Getting more LGBTIQA+ people elected to the Victorian Parliament

It Takes More is a campaign to get more LGBTIQ+ people to the Victorian parliament.

Ahead of the 2022 Victorian State Election, we want to see a record number of LGBTIQ+ people running and winning seats across the state. Because we will never be the equality state if our parliament doesn’t reflect the rich diversity of our communities.

We know from experience and from research, that when LGBTIQ+ people are elected, they can and do successfully work across party lines to achieve reforms of benefit to the wider LGBTIQ+ community. 

It Takes More is targeting LGBTIQA+ Victorians, and Victorian political parties, with the important goal of getting more LGBTIQA+ people to stand for elections. It Takes More is non-partisan, and is not an endorsement of any candidate, or party. 

It Takes More provides mentorship, support, and network connections to LGBTIQ candidates running in the Victorian state election. If you’re an LGBTIQ candidate and you’d like assistance from us, please reach out via our contact form.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the It Takes More website.